Pigment is the new wrinkle!

Have you ever noticed in the movies how, when they want to age an individual, they colour in blotchy red and brown marks on the facial skin? Studies, using computer generated images, have shown that people will add on up to 10 years to a person’s age, regardless of wrinkling/sagging, when they have facial pigmentation. What is more beautiful than radiant, clear skin, even with a few wrinkles visible? It is the picture of freshness and health.

Common causes of pigmentation include sun damage, drugs, medical disorders such as melasma and after inflammation or scarring (post-inflammatory pigmentation).

Treatment programmes begin with rigorous daily use of sunblock, avoidance of causative factors, oral prescription medications, topical prescription skin lightening cream and an appropriate skin care regimen e.g. creams containing retinoids, hydroquinone, kojiic acid, vitamin C, licquorice etc.

In our Centre we have many physical treatments to address pigmentation depending on the cause and skintype of the patient. They include lasers of different wavelengths, a variety of skin peels, intense medical microneedling, cryotherapy and microdermabrasion.

Once pigmentation has been successfully corrected, maintaining this improvement with a correct skin care regimen is essential. In some cases it can require life long management.

Pigmentation can also be problematic on the neck and hands. Never apply perfume directly to the skin of the neck. If you drive frequently consider wearing gloves designed specifically for sun protection (available on Amazon). Always keep sunblock in the car for top ups. Our treatments can be used to fade pigmentation at these sites also.

Photodamage, Before & After Laser

Melasma, Before & After Various Treatments