Melasma(chloasma) is an incredibly common skin problem in our clinic. Patients find it extremely upsetting as they often have difficulty camouflaging it, especially from March to October when the sun is stronger. Unless they live in a windowless cave, all the sunscreen they can apply won’t stop them getting blotchier and darker.

It has been called ‘The mask of pregnancy’ and can be more common in women on the OCP but it can also affect men in less than 5% of cases. Sadly, stopping the OCP won’t make it go away. On a more positive note, I very very rarely see it post Menopause !!

Each patient is individually assessed and advised re the treatment of choice for them and their lifestyle. Our treatments range from prescription oral and topical medications, tailored skincare regimen and sun protection tips. See ‘Your Skin and the Sun’ for tips.

A course of careful intense medical microneedling, a variety of peels and lasers of different wavelengths can greatly speed up resolution of Melasma. We take the utmost caution not to trigger exacerbation of pigmentation called Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

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