Photodynamic Therapy

What is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)?

A photodynamic reaction is one in which a chemical activated by light is used to selectively treat abnormal tissue.

The reaction requires the application of a photosensitizer, which is known as ALA (aminolevulinic acid) to the target tissue i.e. the skin. ALA penetrates abnormal areas of skin such as actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions), sun damage, and inflammatory acne more readily than it does normal skin tissue.

What does it treat?

Acne, rosacea, sun damaged skin, pre-cancerous lesions and skin cancers. PDT is a far superior, faster acting and more comfortable alternative to traditional therapies for severe sun-damage. Furthermore, it treats the entire ‘damaged field’ rather than just the individual lesions.

The results are excellent with a proven reduction in skin cancers and far less recovery time. PDT is one of the quickest ways to improve acne, especially during severe flare ups, for people who wish to avoid tablets or while waiting for oral medications to take effect.

Treatment details

Each patient is assessed on an individual basis and a treatment protocol is drawn up that best suits your skin type.

Before & After Photodynamic Therapy