Acne Scarring

We specialise in the treatment of acne scarring using the full spectrum of Aesthetic treatments available to us. Of course, many patients arrive at our clinic asking for treatment for their acne scarring, but their acne is still active and continuing to cause damage.

Fortunately we are in a position to postpone the restorative step of their programme until we clear their acne, usually with medical intervention.

Unfortunately many patients have delayed getting their acne treatment by attending non-dermatologists and beauticians for peels, lasers etc when they should have been taking medication. This delay can waste money and result in further unnecessary scarring!

The scarring didn’t arrive overnight and it may take 3-12 months to complete a full course of treatment, depending on the severity. We like to think that we underpromise and overdeliver and get great satisfaction from the life-changing effect improving disfiguring scarring can have on a patient’s confidence.

An interesting group is middle aged men and women who didn’t actually realise that they had experienced acne scarring until they start to lose collagen, elastin and the plumpness of youthful skin, only to reveal surface irregularity and old scars. They can acheive excellent results as you can see from our pictures below.

Before & After Acne Scarring Treatments