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Rosacea is a red facial rash and one of the most common skin conditions we treat in our clinic. It affects individuals of all ages. It may be transient, recurrent or persistent and can have many manifestations including red/yellow spots, lumps, bumps, scaling, broken blood vessels, flushing and in rare instances overgrowth of the tissues of the nose (rhinophyma).

What causes Rosacea?

The cause is unknown and whilst not a food allergy it may be aggravated by foods which cause heat/flushing e.g. spicy foods or alcohol. Many people deteriorate in spring and it is frequently made worse by the sun. It is associated with demodex infection in some individuals.

People are commonly treated with topical steroids from their ‘helpful friends’ which greatly aggravate the situation in the long run!

It is more common in women and when severe can be associated with the ‘intolerant skin syndrome’ whereby they develop extremely sensitive skin and all topical cosmetics/therapies burn and sting.

Ocular rosacea is under diagnosed and it is where the eyes are affected and become red, sore and gritty. This is diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist.

What treatments are available?

Treatments can always control and often cure rosacea. They include a correct skin care regimen, photoprotection, identifying aggravating factors, topical drugs, systemic antibiotics, roaccutane, anti-demodex therapies, photodynamic therapy, PRP and laser where appropriate. Medications can also be used to reduce flushing.

Laser therapy is a fast way to reduce both inflammation and redness and to remove broken blood vessels. Men are particularly bothered by red skin and broken blood vessels as they don’t have the luxury of covering up the redness with make-up and men feel that they can be labelled as ‘drinkers’ if they have a flushed red face !!

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