Demodex Folliculitis

Hair follicle mites called Demodex Folliculorum are normal inhabitants of all our faces – though nobody likes to be told so! In certain situations they are found in higher numbers than normal and greatly aggravate the skin e.g. just as a thorn does if stuck in a finger. This results in redness around the follicles, small red bumps and a ‘dotty’ appearance to the skin.

The skin feels rough to the touch, like fine sand-paper which leads the affected individual to do the very thing which aggravates the condition further, apply more heavy moisturisers which is counterproductive.

Patients report extreme sensitivity and an intolerance to most topical agents and skin care products. They have often been cleansing their skin either with wipes or using lotions removed with dry cotton pads.

This condition may occur alone but in many individuals it will co-exist with rosacea, particularly if it is not treated early.

Treatments include an appropriate skin care regimen, topical creams, prescription medications and laser. However, it may take 6 months for the inflammation to settle completely.