The skin on my face has lost its elasticity

You most likely need volume replacement injections and/or skin tightening with Ulthera.

With the passage of time not only is there a reduction in collagen and elastic tissue in the skin but the facial fat reduces in quantity and also changes position, usually dropping. This results in an inversion of the normal facial triangle where in youth, the majority of the volume is in the upper half, with time the volume sinks to the lower half.

While this is not usually a problem for people who are overweight, who wants to gain weight when there are better, safe solutions ? Furthermore, even if we gain weight, with age this is more likely to end up on our hips or back!

Solution: Careful assessment of each individual face and the use of tissue tighteners e.g. Ulthera and filler injections. Superficial loss of elasticity with very fine lines can be improved with lasers, mesotherapy, intense medical microneedling, Profilho injections, Sunekos and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.