A new wave of injectable products have been introduced to the field of aesthetics in the past few years.

They have found their position as ‘Biostimulators’, stimulating the growth of Elastin and Collagen. I think of them as ‘fertilisers’ for the skin. They are not fillers or pure volumisers because they do not ‘hold their shape’ but rather diffuse (spread) into the skin and seem to disappear while continuing do their work growing elastin and collagen over the following 6 weeks.


Profhilo is the ultimate ‘red carpet treatment’ and ideal as a treatment before ‘that big day’. Have it about 12-14 days beforehand (so that if there’s a bruise, there’ll be time for it to disappear) It’s like injecting moisturiser into your skin and results in fairly immediate radiance and intense hydration.

Long term effects have been witnessed in reduction of fine lines around the eyes (crows feet) and the fine lines in the lower cheeks and neck.

Before & After 2 Profhilo Treatments


Sunekos has a slightly different mode of action. It does not give the immediate radiance but gives far longer results with firming up of the skin via stimulation of collagen and elastin. Ideal for any areas of thinning skin, most commonly used on wrinkly foreheads, crows feet, lower facial lines, neck, chest and hands.

Before & After Sunekos


Dark Eye Circle

Full Face