Do anti-ageing creams work?

We live in hope. Skin care products certainly improve the appearance of our skin but undoubtedly the best anti-ageing cream of all is sun-block. The next best anti-ageing intervention is ‘beauty sleep’, lots of exercise and meditation !

Some ingredients have well established beneficial effects on our skin and while they will not completely stop ageing, they can greatly enhance our complexion, improving radiance, reducing pigmentation and fine lines. They have minimal if any effects on tissue laxity and sagging. Helpful ingredients to look out for include retinoids, glycolic acid, vitamin C, peptides and tissue growth factors. Go to the cosmetic counter for make-up. Leave your skin care to the skin experts.

People expect far too much from moisturisers forgetting that they simply trap the water that we have ingested in the skin. If you want to moisturise your skin adequately, drink sufficient water and fewer alcohol/caffeinated drinks.