At The Centre for Restorative Dermatology we specialise in the treatment of scars from any and all causes. Patients are frequently referred to us by other Consultant Dermatologists and Consultant Plastic Surgeons for our treatments.

There are many causes of scarring both avoidable eg caused by acne, and unavoidable e.g. post trauma, surgery, lipoatrophy eg secondary to HIV infection or medications to treat it, and inflammatory skin disease such as morphoea. There are also many types of scars and we carefully analyse what each patient needs, usually a combination of treatments.

Fortunately we now have many treatments which can be utilised to improve the appearance of scars including:

  • Lasers of various wavelengths, Intense medical microneedling and skin peels to flatten and remodel the scars and skin surface. Different lasers to reduce the redness.
  • Tattooing to increase colour in white scars.
  • Medications injected to flatten raised scars eg keloids;
  • Botulinum toxin to stop a scar exerting abnormal ‘pulling’ on the skin with facial expression.
  • Filler and Platelet Rich Plasma injections to replace volume loss such as in depressed scars or lipoatrophy.
  • Lasers and creams to reduce pigmentation.
  • Pressure dressings and silicone gels to reduce or prevent keloid formation.
  • Prescription grade topical retinoids.

Where at all possible the scar should be prevented by avoiding unnecessary skin surgery e.g. with the use of mole mapping to monitor rather than excise every mole of concern; always using the least invasive surgical procedure to complete the task e.g. some benign lesions can be removed by superficial shave excision rather than large wounds with stitches; early treatment of acne and appropriate treatment of skin infections and disorders causing damage to the skin.

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