Specialist Acne Clinic

Our SPECIALIST ACNE CLINIC provides a comprehensive approach to the management of acne; exploring dietary, lifestyle, skincare and medical factors which may be contributing to its cause.

We have every medical and physical method for treating it at our disposal and create a bespoke programme for each individual. Once we have cleared the acne, we can then complete this treatment by improving any residual damage, red marks, pigment and scars with our state of the art treatments delivered only by our team of Specialist Dermatology Nurses and regularly reviewed by Dr Coleman.

What is Acne?

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the world and contrary to popular belief is NOT confined to the teenage years. At least 25% of acne sufferers are first affected over the age of 26yrs, particularly in women. In fact the most common acne patients in our clinic are middle-aged women!

Acne is a hormonal condition caused by the effects of male hormones on the grease producing sebaceous glands. Many factors contribute to its occurrence including a positive family history, stress, progesterone only contraceptives e.g. the progesterone implant and coil, certain drugs, dietary factors and using incorrect skin care products on the skin.

How to treat Acne

It is a totally treatable, and usually curable, skin condition. The earlier it is treated by a physician, the better in view of the risk of developing scars. Whilst we are all familiar with the image of a face covered in large inflamed nodules/cysts, it is an ill known fact that up to 95% of individuals who suffer with acne can experience significant permanent scarring, even with small spots !. The best treatment for scarring is prevention! However, thankfully recent developments allow us to greatly improve scars with the combination of laser treatments and filler injections.

There are a variety of treatments for acne ranging from prevention – using correct skin care regimens and avoiding triggering dietary factors, topical prescription agents: retinols, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, oral prescription drugs: hormonal therapy e.g. the oral contraceptive pill, systemic antibiotics, anti-androgens and Roaccutane and finally physical therapies: including: microdermabrasion, skin peels, photodynamic therapy, lasers, photodynamic therapy and LEDS light therapy. The treatment is tailored to the type of acne and needs of the individual.

If the acne has scarred, laser resurfacing and filler injections can help smooth and refine the skin texture.

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