Volume Replacement

Volume Replacement

Aesthetic applications

As we age we actually shrink, losing collagen, elastic tissue, fat and even bone ! The result is loss of suppleness and the structure they provide.

Volume loss makes us look older and our tissues sag. It creates shadows and angles in our face.

While being thin in the face is what ages us most, Catherine Deneuve is no longer correct when she said that a woman over 30 has to chose between her body and her face.

Nowadays, with clever placement of small amounts of fillers, it is possible to cheat your biological clock, sculpting and restoring a youthful appearance. We think of it as ‘taking away shadows and hollows’ rather than creating over-filled cheeks or lips.

We use hyaluronic acid, radiesse, profilho, platelet rich plasma, mesotherapy and sunekos injections to replace volume and stimulate collagen.

Medical Applications Of Filler Injections

A very large part of our filler practise at The Centre for Restorative Dermatology is restoring volume loss due to medical conditions such as:

  • Scarring eg acne, surgical, traumatic, discoid lupus
  • Lipoatrophy – primary, drugs, traumatic, HIV
  • Tissues loss secondary to inflammation eg morphoea, scleroderma
  • Marionettes and drooling (perleche)
  • Bell’s palsy – to aid camouflage
  • This list continues to expand!

Before & After Filler Injections