About our Specialist Dermatology Nurses

As a patient, you will go on a journey with our specialist dermatology nursing team.

Often you have many hopes and fears in relation to your key concerns and we will guide you and help and care for you through your evolving treatment plan.

Our team has cumulative experience that adds up to more than a century! Our key strengths as a unique multi skilled team of nurses are our experience and our depth of knowledge.

Dermatology is a fast-moving area of practice and we have regular and ongoing training, both in-clinic and at international conferences and training hubs.

We deliver a range of treatments from laser, light and focused ultrasound, to injectables, skins peels and skincare, cryolypolysis and other energy based treatments. No working day is the same for our team as each patient’s needs are unique and this keeps us very engaged.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

Elisabeth Cronin RGN
Elisabeth is a Registered General Nurse. Whilst she started out her nursing career working in accident and emergency she moved into the area of Dermatology well over a decade ago. Elisabeth undertakes dermatology assessment and treatment of new and returning patients in the practice. Special areas of interest for Elisabeth are general dermatology, overall skin analysis and what happens at home in relation to skincare. She has particular expertise in the treatment of facial volume loss.

Elisabeth really enjoys learning and developing new techniques by undertaking training and continuing professional development in seminars both here in Ireland and abroad.

Ciara Burke RGN
Ciara is a Registered General Nurse and also a qualified beauty therapist. Ciara has practiced in dermatology for over a decade and has been a qualified nurse for almost 20 years. Her dual qualification provides an invaluable resource to the practice. Ciara undertakes dermatology assessment and treatment of new and returning patients.

Specials areas of interest for Ciara are general dermatology, specifically acne and rosacea, scarring and treatment of aging/sun related skin damage. Ciara enjoys learning and developing her skill set, regularly attending conferences and seminars and taking part in training within the practice.

Catherine Hollywood RGN
Catherine is a Registered General Nurse for the past 20 years and has specialised in the area of dermatology and aesthetics for over a decade. Catherine undertakes dermatology assessment and treatment of new and returning patients in the practice. Her special areas of interest are general dermatology, pigmentation disorders and treatment of aging skin, specifically facial volume loss.

She regularly attends training courses and seminars both here in Ireland and across Europe. Extension of knowledge is key to Catherine’s interest in dermatology and aesthetics and the development of her skill base.

Rhea Delaney RGN
Rhea is a general nurse, qualified for over 10 years.  She has a background in theatre and acute medical wards.  She has nursed around the world in the UK, Australia and of course Ireland. 

Rheas interest in dermatology began in Australia where she has gained valuable experience during her time away.  Rhea’s interests are acne, pigmentation, rosacea and acne scarring.  


Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to us, particularly in the very personal field of cosmetic medicine. We absolutely NEVER discuss any aspect of a patient’s care with anyone under any circumstance, unless at their request and with their express permission.

Great Skin Brings Great Confidence